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FREE GP care for all children under the age of 8 was introduced in August 2023. Click here to register your child for a DOCTOR VISIT CARD.


Unfortunately we are not able to see your child free of charge without a valid doctor visit card / number.  DDOC will also require this in order to avail of FREE Out of hours GP care.  We advise all parents of under 8s to sign your children up to this scheme.  

We are delighted to be partaking in the new FREE contraception service for ALL young women aged 17 - 30 years old.  

This new scheme provides free GP visits,  free contraceptive prescriptions and free fitting of contraceptive devices for women aged 17 up to the eve of their 31st birthday. You do not need need a medical card - just a PPS number to avail of this service. 

Portmarnock Family Practice offers a full range of patient services including telephone (where appropriate) and in-surgery consultations,  childhood vaccination, maternity care and blood testing service.

There are no longer any mandatory COVID restrictions in the surgery.

  • You are welcome to wear a mask if you wish. Some of our staff may continue to choose to wear face masks. 

  • If you are attending with cough, cold, flu or temperature symptoms  we ask that you wear a mask to protect staff and patients, 

  • Hand hygiene is recommended and  hand sanitizer is available in the surgery. 

For the latest guidance on Corona Virus/COVID 19 see

For advice about coughs, colds, earaches. flu, rash, temperature, sore throats and tummy upset please see: and UNDER THE WEATHER

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