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Consultations are by appointment only. Urgent appointments are available daily. For an appointment please ring the reception at

(01) 8461300.

 The telephone lines are open from 9am daily. The surgery is closed for lunch between 1pm-2.30pm daily .

Doctors Surgery Hours

Mon - Friday 09:00-1pm and 2:30-5:30pm

One of the doctors is on call at lunchtime everyday.

After hours cover Provided by

D-DOC Telephone: 0818 224476

All patients are seen by appointment.

If you would like to see a particular doctor, please let the receptionist know when booking the appointment. You also need to let the secretary know if booking certain procedures eg. cervical smear test, insurance medicals, vaccinations and 6 week check-ups. Should you need to cancel your appointment, please give sufficient notice so that your appointment can be given to someone else. Appointment times are approximate. We try to see patients as close to the time as possible. Delays are sometimes unavoidable. The maximum allocated time per person is 15 minutes. If a patient has a number of problems they may be asked to make a further appointment. If two patients from a family need to be seen, two appointments should be made. If you feel you need to be seen urgently, please make this clear to the receptionist and you will be seen as soon as possible by the doctor, although it may not be the doctor of your choice.


Emergencies arise and we try to accommodate urgent patients as soon as possible. This may result in other patients waiting. We would ask for your understanding on this. House calls are carried out for the following groups of people:- The elderly and infirm, terminally ill patients, genuine emergencies. All other patients, including sick children, should attend the surgery where they can be examined, investigated and treated thoroughly. Where a patient is unable to travel to the surgery, please telephone the surgery before 10.00 am if requesting a house call.


  • Consultation/ Tele. Consultation - €65.00/€50.00 

  • Consultaton under 18 - €55.00

  • Cervical Smear Test-Cervical screening programme with Nurse - €0.00

  • Cervical Smear private/with HPV testing - €150.00

  • House Call - €90.00

  • Blood Testing private/GMS - €45.00/€35.00

  • Nurse Visit - €40.00

  • Meningitis B Vaccination (usually 2 doses at least 2 months apart) - €155.00 each dose

  • Chicken Pox Vaccination (usually 2 doses at least 2 months apart) - €105.00 each dose

  • *Mirena Coil/Jaydess Coil insertion (including free 6 week check up with nurse) - €210.00 

  • *Removal of Coil plus Consultation - €70.00

  • *Implanon contraceptive implant- insertion - €130.00

  • *Insertion + removal Implanon same day - €170.00 

  • Repeat Prescription/ Letter request - €20

  • Joint Injection - Enquire

  • ECG - €50.00

  • 24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitor - €80.00

*patients aged 17-30 can avail of the Free contraception service.  

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